Packed with advanced features, the NanoFrazor offers versatility in nanofabrication. Tailor your setup with customizable modules to create the ideal system for your unique research requirements. Explore the possibilities with us. 

Advanced Lithography

Enables complex nanofabrication tasks.

High Resolution
and Precision

Provides accurate patterning at the nanoscale.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of research and development activities.

User-friendly Interface

Simplifies the process of designing and executing nanolithography patterns.

Robust and
Reliable Design

Ensures consistent performance and longevity.

Damage-free Lithography

No damage from charged particles, no proximity effects, and clean lift-off.


Works with all
standard pattern
transfer methods.

Unique Thermal Cantilevers

Integrated microheater and distance sensor.


The NanoFrazor comprises several modules designed for diverse functionalities. Each module enables distinct capabilities within the Nanofrazor system, leading to optimized solutions for each application and research setting.




Empowering users with flexibility: With 3 Lithography modules, 3 housing options available, and 5 software packages, you can configure the NanoFrazor to fit your needs.

The 3 Lithography


t-SPL: For high-resolution patterning, grayscale with unmatched resolution, markerless overlay and local thermal modifications
Decapede: For all t-SPL capabilities, with 10 probes working in parallel, for 10 times the throughput
Direct Laser Sublimation: 1 μm resolution patterning with higher throughput, and even more power for local heating.

Housing Options

The 3 Housing


Table-top: Very compact housing solution that fits in every lab
Stand Alone Housing: The most robust housing solution, that protects the NanoFrazor from external factors like acoustic noise and vibrations.
Glovebox: The NanoFrazor can be integrated into a Glovebox for nanofabrication in an inert atmosphere.

The NanoFrazor Software

and its Options

The NanoFrazor software guides the user through the system setup, layout import, and patterning. New users feel comfortable with the simple user interface, while experienced users can control all patterning parameters via the advanced settings panels. Advanced software modules are available and can be added to any software installation:
Grayscale patterning: For importing grayscale designs and using the advanced feedback algorithms for patterning with controlled depth.
Smart splitting: For importing large designs that must be split into multiple fields and ordered for optimized patterning and stitching.
Automated overlay: For detection and precise overlay on underlying structures
Dynamic local temperature modulation: For dynamic control of thermal stimulus applied to precise, pre-determined locations on the substrate. 



Begin with ease and expand as needed – NanoFrazor allows users to start with the configuration that best fits research needs today and seamlessly integrate additional modules over time. This scalable approach ensures adaptability to evolving research demands.

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