Heidelberg Instruments Nano (formerly SwissLitho AG) revolutionizes nanostructure fabrication with the NanoFrazor. Overcoming challenges in conventional nanofabrication, it provides a swift, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution. Beyond binary nanolithography, its groundbreaking grayscale patterning, achieving sub-nanometer depth resolution, opens doors to innovative applications. Heidelberg Instruments Nano is proud to be a part of Heidelberg Instruments, contributing to its legacy of excellence in direct writing technologies.

Heidelberg Instruments is part of Lab14 Group, a group of successful high-tech companies providing advanced manufacturing solutions with complementary products and services for a wide range of applications that require demanding solutions for nano- and microfabrication and surface analysis.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make nano possible. At the core of this vision lies the NanoFrazor, a revolutionary tool that unlocks a world of possibilities at the nanoscale. With its unparalleled precision and versatility, the NanoFrazor empowers researchers, scientists, and innovators to delve into realms previously inaccessible.

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